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What is Features of our office door security lock?

1. Unlock Way: Password and MIFARE® card,
Fingerprint, Mechincial key
Application: office, home, apartment and so on.
Card user:50pcs
Fingerprint capacity: 100pcs
Password:10 group
Phone type: any model

2. Independent Mode: using MIFARE® cards or password  or fingerprint to open doors independently.
3. The lock opening modes can be set by your choice. Use MIFARE® cards or passwords  separately to open/ Only MIFARE® cards and password used together could open the locks.
The cards are set by the lock sytem and software is not needed.

4.The passwords can be modified by your choice. 4-8 digits

What is Specifications of our office door security lock?

Item Data
Material zinc alloy
Working voltage 6.0V (4 pieces of No.5 alkaline batteries)
Static power supply <100μA
Dynamic power supply <200mA
Lifespan of batteries: 10 months or above
Indication of lacking voltage 4.5V
Induction distance >25mm
Working temprature 070
Working humidity ≤80%