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What is the difference among the EM, Temic and Mifare card?

Sylvia Liu 2017-03-03 10:44:32
EM, Temic and Mifare card
A: EM card lock (use standalone)

B: Temic card lock  (use with USB card encoder)

C: Mifare 1 card lock (use with USB card encoder)

Please be noted, our lock PCB, cards, encoder are compatible to each other. other brand cards will not work well.

For 300 rooms, please check the MIFARE card lock system.

Difference:Temic card lock VS Mifare 1 card lock

A. PCB and Cards
    Mifare hotel lock----- mifare cards, 13.56Mhz.
    Temic hotel lock----- temic   cards, 125Khz.

B. “one-card” pass  一卡通
    Mifare, Widely used in One-card-pass system, unlock doors, and access controls, consuming system etc.    
     Temic can not be used in consuming system.  and the price for the Temic access control a bit high.

C. Data gather 数据采集
     Mifare hotel lock----- mifare 4K S70 card ( USD8/pcs).
     Temic hotel lock----- data gather ( USD80/pcs).

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