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1.How many guest cards can be set for a lock?
No limit.
2.What is the life time of the hotel lock?
Generally more than 10 years.
3.If I failed to open the lock with cards, what to do?
You can use the override key to open it.
4.The guest card’s valid time is passed, but it still can open the lock, why?
The lock time is incorrect. Please issue a new time card and swipe the lock.
5.After the software is installed well, how to keep it safe?
Firstly, keep the special card safe and never lost it. Secondly, save the backup file of the database on other disk in time
6.The valid guest card can not open the lock, how to do?
Check card on software whether it is a valid and correct card for this lock. In normal case, swipe the reset card, correct setting card, new time card on the lock again, if all show green light, the guest card can open the lock.
7.Four very short beeps sound when opening the lock, what happen?
This is the indication of low battery, please change batteries.
8.No response when pressing the buttons, what happen?
No power, please change batteries.
9.Often fail to verify the fingerprint, what happen?
It may be because the finger is too dry, or wet or dirty, or the scanner is too dirty. Please clean it.
10.Fail to enter enrollment or deletion mode, what happen?
The master code is wrong or the operation is wrong. Please use correct master code and check whether the operation procedure is correct. If forgetting the master code, please reset the lock.