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How to change open door direction

How to change open door direction

In most case,  hotel lock supplier will confirm with the hotel lock buyer  about the door open directions, before payment or after payment.

But now some hotel lock supplier may forget about it, or buyer reluctant to share this information.

On the other hand, the lock cylinder/Moretise are getting more delicate and soficication now.

It can happend to all of us that, the installer/buyer need to change direction, then how?

The following are the tips:
1: Take picture for each steps. to keep a clear mind of how every spring and delicate accessories are placed.

2: Handle gently. It can not be done in one day.

3: If not working, please ask us (hotel lock supplier for help), please do not open all the lock. we have to minimize the lost.

Please peep inside:

If you have any suggestion or inquiry, please contact us.