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Use a wide range of types of hotel lock rf supplier in China

Why is the MIFARE @ CARD so widely used? Our hotel lock card in order to better protect the interests of customers, and the management of hotel security, in sector 14 added the secret. Greater security.
M1 cards have a total of 16 sectors of 0-15, each sector is equipped with a total of 0-3 of 4 segments, each segment can save 16 bytes of content. Each sector in section 03 is used to save KeyA, KeyB and control bits, because the M1 card allows each sector to have a separate password protection pair, so a more flexible control of data operations, bits of Control is the sector. Authority to calculate the results, as is known on the readable and writable M1 card.
PROYU hotel lock rf supplier  the official use of each card M1 has a globally unique UID number, the number of UID stored in the 00 00 card sector, also known as segment manufacturers, which is the first four bytes of the UID card, The 5 bytes are The parity bit of the UID of the card, leaving the data of the provider.

So MIFARE @ CARD received more and more people love, more and more people like to use RF cards.

You do not need to be emptied again, wiring, please electricians, carpenters and so on. Only need to dig a good space for wood, Cylinder shape, other customers can own their own needs according to the design of the hotel, distribution of duties, management of cards.

PROYU hotel lock rf supplier PY-8011-6 SYSTEM